Fresh Faces, New Opportunities

We meet with people every day who want to enhance some part of their body. Reasons for cosmetic surgery or non-surgical treatments vary widely, but at the core, we see the same thing: every one of us just wants to feel great about how we look. You may recognize this in yourself, and know that, when your outer appearance reflects who you are on the inside, you will have a little more bounce in your step. What you may not realize is that having a fresher face may also add a little more money in your bank account.

Researchers from all around the world have been studying the various aspects of cosmetic treatments, and they have found some interesting details. Here are a few of the facts that have been revealed about the effects facial treatments can have on your professional success.

  1. Getting the job. Studies have indicated that, on average, a person changes jobs at least 7 times during his or her career. This means countless interviews and lots of high hopes. Why not maximize your advantage with cosmetic treatment? This is what as much as 50% of people do, regardless of age. Having friendly facial features, including high eyebrows and a bright smile, have been said to make an applicant more appealing – and this is straight from employers’ mouths.
  2. Keeping the job. Once you have your dream job, keeping it may seem like an easy task. If you’re somewhere beyond middle-age, you know this isn’t so cut-and-dry. We talk with a lot of folks whose main interest is maintaining their competitive edge at work. A fresh face reminds others – as well as yourself – that you have the gusto needed to succeed.
  3. Feeling confident. Perhaps this all boils down to how confident you feel when you interact with others. It has been discovered that a perceived flaw may make a person behave in particular manners, such as covering the mouth to hide crooked teeth. When your reflection in the mirror matches your inner image of yourself, your confidence will be obvious.

Signs of aging like a perpetual frown or downturned corners of the mouth can be a huge obstacle for confidence and human interaction. We can help you address these and other concerns. Call your Edina cosmetic surgeon at 612-335-9032.

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