Breast Lift Surgical Methods

The breasts are considered, by most women, a vital part of their physical appearance. After breast size, the most common complaint women have about the appearance of their breasts is sagging, low hanging breasts. There are several causes of this condition. Some women notice that their breasts have dropped as they have begun to age, others notice the breasts begin to droop after pregnancy, and, for some women, sagging breasts are a genetic condition.

No matter what the cause of sagging breasts, Minneapolis plastic surgeon Christopher J. Kovanda can perform breast lift surgery to correct the condition. With breast lift surgery, Dr. Kovanda can lift the breasts back to their youthful position and he can reposition the areola as well. In addition, for our patients in Minneapolis, breast augmentation surgery can be performed alongside a breast lift to give the breasts a fuller, more appealing shape.

Breast Lift Techniques

When the decision has been made to undergo breast lift surgery, there will be additional surgical decisions to be made at the initial consultation with Dr. Kovanda. The most important decision regarding breast lift surgery is the incision (or technique) that will be used during the procedure. Each patient will have a breast lift surgery that is customized to meet their unique needs and goals. Depending on each case, Dr. Kovanda may recommend the use of any of the following breast lift techniques:

  • The anchor lift: This technique utilizes an incision that encircles the areola, continues vertically down to the bottom of the breast, and then continues along the curve of the lower crease of the breast. This technique allows Dr. Kovanda to correct the most severe cases of sagging. This is also the technique commonly used if a breast reduction will be performed along with the breast lift.
  • The keyhole lift: The keyhole incision is made around the areola and then continues vertically down the breast. This is also known as the lollipop incision. This incision can correct moderate sagging but it is not recommended for women who wish to have breast implants placed during the breast lift.
  • The peri-areolar lift: With this technique an incision is made around the perimeter of the areola. While this technique is most appropriate for women with mild to moderate degrees of sagging, it can produce more dramatic results if breast implants are inserted.
  • The crescent lift: The crescent lift involves a crescent-like incision made along the top curve of the areola, where a small piece of skin will be removed before the surrounding skin is reattached to the areola. This is the least commonly used breast lift technique and is only successful in correcting very minor degrees of sagging.

Dr. Kovanda will discuss all of these techniques with his patient and determine which will be used during breast lift surgery.

Schedule an Appointment

If you’d like to discuss the techniques that are available for breast lift surgery, schedule an appointment with Dr. Christopher J. Kovanda. Dr. Kovanda takes his time at each consultation to make sure that all questions are answered and each patient leaves feeling secure in the decision they have made regarding plastic surgery.

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