Do Breast Implants Have a Limited Lifespan?

Breast implant surgery is a popular procedure that has had its ups and downs. When the procedure was first developed, the use of silicone implants proved advantageous for some women, but also risky. Due to issues such as hardening within muscle tissue, the popularity of breast augmentation with such implants diminished for several years. Over time and the refinement of the procedure, women started coming back around to idea of breast augmentation as a beneficial surgery. Except for one point, breast augmentation has seemed pretty perfect.

What is that point?

Years ago, the FDA performed a study on the safety of silicone breast implants. The findings of this study led to the widespread belief that a woman who chose silicone implants would need to undergo revision surgery every 10 years in order to maintain her new shape. What? If a woman were to accept this as a universal truth, she may never get the surgery that could improve her satisfaction with her body! Let’s look more closely at this.

The FDA study included 100 women. At around the 10-year mark, 1 in 5 of those women had experienced an issue such as rupture or capsular contracture, which required implant replacement. Can we really look at this data and say that every woman will need to have her breast implants replaced on a 10-year cycle? No. Looking again at that FDA study, we can see that 80% of the women who participated reported no issues after 10 years.

Something to Note

Research is necessary for medicine to evolve, and for patient outcomes to improve. This is exactly the case as it pertains to breast implants. The FDA study that led to the misconception about the limited lifespan of silicone breast implants was published in 2011. Several years have passed since then! Also, significant advances have been made in the manufacturing of silicone implants. Today, a large number of procedures include stable-form implants that look and feel more natural, and which are also more durable than previous types of silicone implants.

The bottom line about a 10-year replacement on breast implants is that every case is unique. Statistics demonstrate a high success rate for this procedure, so there is more reason to consult with your Edina plastic surgeon than to count yourself out due to a misperception about breast implants.

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