Breast Implant Profile Options

There is much to consider when deciding to undergo breast augmentation. Size, implant filler type, incision technique, and breast implant profile are just a few of the factors to discuss with your surgeon. Though size, type of implant, and type of incision may come as no surprise, you may be wondering what breast implant profile refers to. Breast implant profile is basically the width of the implant and the degree that the breast implant sticks out from the chest. Minneapolis plastic surgeon Christopher J. Kovanda offers this discussion on breast implant profiles to help you understand this concept so you can be informed when you are ready to discuss your breast augmentation preferences with your surgeon.

Types of Breast Implant Profiles

There are different types of breast implant profiles. Each type of profile refers to the degree to which the breast implant projects from the chest and can be thought of as forward projection. Some women would like a more modest appearing bosom, while others want the breasts to appear as voluptuous as possible. Before you undergo breast augmentation, it is important to discuss your desired results with your surgeon so you will more likely be happy with the finished results. Though the type of profile you choose is best determined between you and your surgeon, here are some descriptions of the different profiles to help you understand how breast implant profile affects the appearance.

Low Profile

The profile of a breast implant is important to consider to ensure the breasts have a natural look and proportion to the rest of the body. A low profile breast implant will keep the breasts from having too much forward projection. Wide framed women may benefit more from low profile implants. This is because in order to fully cover the breast’s natural diameter, some implants may stick too far out. A low profile implant can allow for full coverage of the breast without projecting too forward.

Moderate Profile

Moderate profile breast implants are generally considered the standard or “normal” profile. Although moderate profile breast implants tend to be a good choice for most women, women with narrower frames may be better served by high profile implants. Moderate profile, and even low profile, implants may make the chest appear to wide for narrower framed women, causing the implant to reach to far into the underarms and cleavage. For the right frame, moderate profile breast implants will create fuller, shapelier breasts.

High Profile

High profile breast implants project further than low and moderate profile implants. High profile implants tend to be best served on women with narrow frames. This is because the diameter the high profile implant is small enough to allow proper spacing between the implants and breasts while the forward projection allows for optimal breast volume. In other words, high projection implants allow narrow framed women to receive an implant without making the chests look wider and undefined.

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Though our appearance does not define who we are, it can play a major role in our self esteem. If you are unhappy about the appearance of your breasts, breast augmentation may be right for you. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Kovanda today to learn more about your treatment options.

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