Botox: What is it and does it work?

If you are at all familiar with the cosmetics industry, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of  Botulinum toxin, a.k.a “Botox”. Botox is a medical drug used to treat different muscle conditions, remove wrinkles, and even reduce migraine symptoms. The compound is generally used in plastic surgery procedures worldwide and has a rapidly growing consumer base.

How does it work?

By injecting small dosages into certain areas of the body (forehead, cheeks, jawline, etc.), the compound slightly paralyzes muscle activity, prohibiting nerve cells from interacting with muscle cells. Applicants primarily use Botox to reduce the appearance of skin lines and wrinkles, but many have also used the compound to help suppress over 20 different medical conditions, including chronic migraines, muscle spasms, crow’s feet, and excessive sweating. Within the past year, over 7,230,967 different Botox procedures were performed (a 174,712 increase from the previous year). Though many studies suggest Botox is a toxic substance, its harmless to the body if used correctly as prescribed.

Small side effects may include numbness of the area injected, mild nausea, or muscle weakness. Remember, it’s important to take only as prescribed. Those who abuse it have a serious risk of personal injury. Be sure to ask which Botox procedures are right for you.


Remember to also protect your skin this summer with plenty of UV sunscreen. For additional information, check out the in-depth guide on our website. Once you’ve made your decision, contact Kovanda today to schedule your first appointment, and you’ll be able to hit the beach guilt-free this summer–and to take plenty of photos while you’re there!


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