Turkey Neck? No, Thank you!

neck lift surgery | edina mnOver the course of several centuries, we have seen a strong desire among humans to age “gracefully.” Really, the idea may actually be more like “let’s stay young forever!” In the past few decades alone, we have made great strides toward that proverbial fountain, and we are bathing in a wide variety of innovative treatments that keep us from experiencing the consequences of persistent facial aging. Thanks to lasers, injectables, and surgical techniques, we can actually choose whether or not we want our cheeks to flatten and our brows to drop. We can also choose the degree to which we want to improve the signs of aging. With all the attention we give to facial aging, there is something very important that could be missed – and it could be counteracting all the effort that is going into the eyes, cheeks, chin, and other areas.

The Aging Neck
Neck skin is not something we tend to give much thought to. That is, until we notice horizontal lines or a certain wobble to our waddle. By the time the neck starts to show the signs of age, a few things have happened beneath the surface. First, the muscular band that keeps neck skin nice and taut frays like a dried-up rope. What once held a nice horizontal line is now a drooping V, and the tissues that lie above this structure sag downward. The pull of gravity against loosened muscle tone lets fat cells in the chin out to play, and a double-chin may soon develop. Combined, these age-related changes can dramatically alter your youthful appearance, regardless of what you do to your face.

Glance Down to Stay Youthful
Ignoring areas other than the face could spell disaster if the goal is to age at a pace that is comfortable for you. The skin on your neck will reveal the truth, unless you do something about it. Patients of Kovanda Plastic Surgery need not jump right into neck lift surgery to restore a more youthful appearance. BBL treatments have been found to be beneficial to reverse signs of aging such as discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles, and more. Injectables such as Botox, as well, are advantageous in keeping the neck in a more youthful state.

An aging neck can be just as telling as under eye bags or other signs of aging. For a personalized treatment plan, schedule your consultation at Kovanda Plastic Surgery near Minneapolis.

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