10 Tips for Healthy Winter Skin

Winter and the holidays are coming! While the holiday season is exciting for most of us, dry, itchy, irritated skin can make it difficult to enjoy. No need to panic! Here are 10 tips for healthy winter skin.

1. Get a Humidifier

Winter air is dry and that is one of the components that makes your skin feel raw. If you can get you hands on a humidifier it can help to balance out that cold dry winter air and keep you skin moisturized. It is best if you kept the humidifier in a place that you spend a lot time in. E.g. in your room and/or office.

2. Keep the Thermostat at a Comfortable Temp

We all know a person or even ourselves that likes to turn their house into an oven by cranking up the heat in their home. This isn’t a good idea. Even though the cold winter makes the air dry central heat inside you home can make the air even drier. To maintain healthy winter skin, a recommended temp setting is 68 to 72.

3. Adjust Temp and Time in the Shower

Nothing beats coming in from the cold and going into a hot steamy long shower. Although a hot shower or bath feels great it backtracks you from maintaining hydrated skin. The AAD (American Academy of Dermatology) recommends that taking a lukewarm shower for 5 to 10 minutes is the best way to not dry out your skin. The same advice can be applied to when you are washing your hands. If the temperature causes your hand to turn red then it is too hot. CDC (Center for Disease Control) states that washing your hand with cooler temperatures is just as effective as warm water at removing germs When drying your hands, pat dry or if an air hand-dryer is available dry until damp instead of completely dry.

4. Use Fragrance-Free Cleansers

If you already have sensitive skin you may know that soaps often times contain irritating ingredients and fragrances which can make dry skin worst. So, it is best to opt for fragrance-free, moisturizing cleanser. When going to buy fragrance-free soap, be sure to look for products that are labeled “fragrance-free” and not “unscented”. Unscented products can still contain fragrances. Overall minimizing the amount of soap use is recommended. Limit lathering to areas like your hands, armpits, genitals and feet.

5. Opt for a Winter Skin-Care Regimen

During the winter months stray away from using products that contain alcohol in them because they will dry your skin further. If you do use a product with alcohol in it like astringents, it is recommend that you use cream based cleansers as well as using a rich moisturizer before bed on your face. Anytime you wash your hands, using lotion right away can help keep them from drying out.

Remember that your lips also need attention too! Stock up on lip balm, it will help prevent you lips from going dry, cracking, and keeping them from being chapped.

6. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

Just like how you need to condition your hair to restore the natural oils after shampooing. It is very important to moisturize your skin right after you wash up/shower. This another practical way to keep your skin moisturized. Especially your hands since they are constantly being wash due to cold and flu season.

7. Cloudy or Sunny, Use Sunscreen

Sunscreen isn’t only for summer. You can still get the effects of harmful UV rays from the sun in the winter. During the winter, it is important to apply sunscreen when the sun is out. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, the snow reflects up to 80% — increasing the exposure. Though you usually can’t see the sun on a cloudy winter day, the sun’s harmful UV rays can still come through the cloudy sky and cause damage. So overall, this is a practical way to maintaining healthy winter skin. Use a moisturizing sunscreen with a SPF of 15 or higher.

8. Eat Healthy and Stay Hydrated

What you put in your body can help you skin stay moisturized. Eating foods or supplements such as flaxseed oil or fish oil can help. They contain omega-3 or omega-6. It is also important to drink water and stay hydrated. Drinking alcohol dehydrates your body, so it is not practical to consume alcohol if you are trying to keep you skin hydrated in the winter. Eating may help, but nothing will be beat moisturizing the skin from the outside.

9. Layer your Winter Clothing

Wool and rough clothing are great to keep you warm during the winter, but they can irritate your skin. Layers are key when it comes to winter clothing. You will want to wear light materials that are soft and breathable directly on your skin, creating a barrier between you and heavier, courser fabrics. 

10. Change Out of Wet Clothes ASAP

The last tip to healthy winter skin is to remove wet clothing as soon as possible. Wet clothing and shoes can make your skin irritated and make it itchy.

These are just a few tips for healthy winter skin. It is always a challenge to maintain your youthful summer glow during these months, but these trips will keeping you looking and feeling great all season long.

Note: This article uses information adapted from everydayhealth.com. The full articles may be accessed at the links below.


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