How BBL is Helping Patients Age Backward

If you look at photos of yourself from ten years ago, you probably look quite different than you do today. Depending on your current age, you may have lines and wrinkles where you previously had smooth, supple skin. Your jaw line may be less defined, or your skin not as vibrant. Now, think to the future. Do you imagine that you will again look quite different? Does this concern you? What if we told you that there is a treatment that could have you looking different, but not in the way you think. BBL is one of the most popular treatments at Kovanda Aesthetic Surgery, and research demonstrates why.

What is BBL, Anyway?

BBL stands for broad band light. It’s very simple, really. Using specific wavelengths of light, our BBL device is used as a type of photofacial treatment. On the surface, treating the skin with intense pulsed light, especially broad band light, reduces the appearance of red and brown spots and visible veins. Beneath the surface, though, there is much more going on; and what goes on could reverse your aging process.

Facials are nothing new. For decades, women (and men) have given their facial skin a little TLC with a wide variety of ingredients. Pumpkin seed, pomegranate, green tea, even extract from snails (depending on your country) have been applied to the skin to refresh and nourish. BBL is different, and researchers have recently discovered just how true this is. In an expansive study that occurred over a nine-year period, patients who continued a BBL protocol actually appeared 2-years younger at the end of those nine years than they did at the beginning. This may not be Benjamin Button status, but who really wants to go that far anyway?

The Magic of BBL

Photofacials with broad band light share something in common with other non-invasive facial treatments: they stimulate a wound-healing response that sends an influx of collagen to the area. In this instance, that is to the face. More than that, though, research has uncovered another reaction that occurs when BBL facials continue on an ongoing basis. Over time, gene expression is actually altered. Altered in the best possible way. The reason that patients who make BBL facials a part of their normal routine seem to age in reverse is because their gene expression is restored to optimal performance, recreating the skin-supporting mechanisms of youth.

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