How to Avoid Gaining Weight During the Holidays

To maintain a healthier lifestyle and that perfect body, do not consider the holiday season as a time to slack off from your routine or use this as an opportunity to radically change your eating habits. While that cheat meal is okay, and you might eat a little more than usual at a holiday feast, avoid overeating, oversleeping, and drinking too much wine (or alcohol of your choice) to maintain that healthy glow, maintain your weight, and maintain that active lifestyle.

Here are some tips you can use to avoid gaining that unwanted weight during the holidays:

Watch your portion sizes: As previously mentioned, holiday feasts tend to be a time when families and individuals overeat—those mashed potatoes are great, but is it necessary to have three servings in one sitting? The term moderation is very important here. Eat what you’d like, but enjoy fattier, unhealthy foods in moderation.

Sleep: Holidays can be stressful when everyone is staying up late for big holiday sales, wrapping presents, shopping for holiday dinners, etc., but it is very important to get a regular, consistent night’s sleep so that your body can function, and so that your body can also identify when it is hungry and when your metabolism is working to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and proper portion sizes.

Protein and Fiber: Eat foods that are high in protein as well as foods that are high in fiber, and if any foods have both, even better! While meats, such as beef, chicken, and fish are high in protein, there are numerous high protein options that are vegetarian-based that you can consider when dining as well, such as: quinoa, black beans, broccoli and asparagus (for fiber, especially!), homemade hummus (or other homemade bean dips), and much more.

Limit Liquid Calories: Yes, that means wine. While a glass of wine is fine for celebrating, a whole bottle is not. What tends to surprise people when counting calories and tracking diets is how often they forget to include calories from liquids, such as coffee, soda/pop, wine, beer, and other sugary and caloric beverages. On an average recommend daily diet, it would be unfortunate to drink all of your calories through beverages you don’t even need to drink to survive…and yes, that includes wine.

These are some of the biggest ways to watch your figure, but other ways can include: weighing yourself regularly, using smaller plates, substituting ingredients in recipes, avoiding processed foods, planning ahead so that you don’t order a pizza/pasta/fast food last minute, and much more. If you keep the fat off, you’ll maintain your current body and be able to enhance your features with Kovanda instead of starting from scratch.

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