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Aging: How to Reduce the Impact on the Lower Face

Aging has some positive aspects to it; we gain perspective, we collect memories and friends and accomplishments. The physical changes that come with age should not overshadow the benefits, but they easily can. Lines and wrinkles deepen, the contours of the cheeks diminish, and the lower face loses its sharpness. Let’s face it, no matter how much joy life gives, aging can be a difficult transition. It doesn’t have to be.

What’s Happening Down There?

You may look in the mirror and find it impossible to peel your eyes away from the sagging bags of skin that have formed on the sides of your jawline. We say jowls; you say “no thanks!” Jowls are a side-effect of what has happened in the mid-face area. They are more of a secondary concern, even though they may be the primary characteristic of your face that you notice.

It’s good news that we know why jowls develop. This knowledge enables us to form a plan of attack that works! Age-related jowls form because the fat pads on the cheeks lose substance. At the same time, collagen depletion in connective tissues allows the contouring on the cheeks to flatten out. As this happens, tissue across the jawline falls under the weight.

Getting to the Root of the Problem

To get to the root of jowls, we look at all tissue from the cheeks on down. Fortunately, there are several ways that we can plump, contour, or tighten these areas.

  • Severe sagging and loss of elasticity are best treated with a surgical facelift. This may only need to involve the lower face. Through this minimally-invasive procedure, skin and muscle tissue is draped into its former, higher position. Facelifts today also may involve volume restoration with fat or dermal fillers.
  • Filling out the cheeks with dermal fillers can result in a mild lift along the jawline.
  • Laser and light treatments, such as Halo and BBL are popular among celebrities and everyday men and women who want a boost without downtime.

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