Aftercare Tips to Maximize Plastic Surgery Results

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A successful plastic surgery depends first and foremost on choosing the most experienced and trained surgeon for the job. However, there are also steps you can take both before and after your procedure to maximize your results. Check out these tips for ensuring you enjoy the best possible results after your plastic surgery procedure.

Get Ready

Aftercare for plastic surgery actually takes place before the procedure even begins. The habits you make (or break) prior to surgery can have a significant impact on your body’s ability to heal. A few weeks before your surgery, consider the following:

  • Stop smoking (nicotine impedes blood flow as well as the body’s own healing process)
  • Commit to a healthy diet and plenty of hydration in the days leading up to surgery
  • Minimize your intake of caffeine and alcohol prior to surgery
  • Get plenty of rest and talk to your surgeon about medications and over the counter supplements you are currently taking
  • Prepare for your recovery time by making and freezing meals or collecting essentials

Get Set

When the day of your procedure arrives, make sure someone is with you to get you safely home after surgery. That person can also ask the surgeon questions and get post-care instructions so you know how to take care of yourself properly after the procedure. Arrange for ample time off work and other activities to ensure your body has plenty of time to heal. Line up help if necessary for the first few days so you can focus on resting through the early days of your recovery process.


After your procedure, follow your surgeon’s instructions as closely as possible. Apply ice to the surgical area as instructed to minimize swelling and bruising in the area. Do not touch dressings, no matter how tempting it might be to sneak a peek of your new look. Removing bandages too soon may disrupt sutures, increase infection risk and slow the healing process.

Avoid alcohol and smoking (even second hand smoke or e-cigarettes) during your recovery process, since these also disrupt the body’s ability to heal. Adhere to dietary restrictions you might be given by your surgeon and try to eat nutritious foods with high protein and plenty of vitamins to aid the healing process. Rest as much as possible, elevating your surgical site as instructed to prevent excessive swelling in the area.

A positive plastic surgery experience is the responsibility of the patient as well as the surgeon. By properly preparing for your procedure and following recovery steps recommended by your surgeon, you will heal from your surgery faster and with better results overall.

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