A Word About Trends

Trendsetters. These (usually famous) individuals are the people we are told we should be like. More precisely, we should look like them, because they are a reflection of true beauty. If you love watching trends, you may also find that there are at least a few that you inherently follow. Trends in fashion, makeup, the vehicles we drive and music we prefer can all add a little spice to life. However, there is a limit to how much you can do to be “in.”

Through the years, along with trends in fashion, what we have seen are clear messages regarding body type. There is good reason for this, and it is something that trendwatchers should know: clothing is made for certain body types. This has been the norm for many, many decades. We’ll show you . . .

  • Charles Gibson was an early-20th century fashion illustrator who created from his imagination an ideal figure on which a certain type of dress would fit perfectly. What happened? Women did everything they could, to the point of wearing corsets that made it difficult to breathe, to be The Gibson Girl.
  • 1920s flapper dresses were made to move, not to accentuate the figure. Therefore, the “ideal” body type during that era was to have no body type, really. Curves were out. The straight figure was in.
  • Fashion once again did a 180 for body types in the 1940s. During this wartime day, it was the tall woman with a commanding appearance that everyone wanted to know or be. Clothing reflected strength, with cone-shaped brassieres and padded shoulders accentuating the less curvy frame.
  • The Woodstock era of the 60s made us fall in love, yet again, with the no-figure woman, the woman-child with small breasts and no hips. It only took another 30 years for this “ideal” body type to come into style again, thanks to Kate Moss and other waiflike models.
  • And where are  we today? Smack dab in the era of the Butt!

Trends or Timelessness?

The question that you need to ask yourself when you are considering cosmetic surgery is what looks good on you. What are your personal preferences? If a bigger booty is something you want, regardless of what society says is beautiful, then go for that Brazilian Butt Lift!

We are here to help you realize the beauty that is within you. To learn more about the cosmetic surgery services at Kovanda Plastic Surgery, call our Edina office at 612-335-9032.

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