Tummy Tcuk

A Tummy Tuck Testimonial

What if you could fix the thing that always catches your eye in the mirror? Maybe it makes you shy away from the camera. Or not want to wear the dress that used to be your favorite. With Dr. Kovanda’s help this can be possible!

Kari’s Journey

Kari decided it was time to make this dream a reality after years of research and consideration. She struggled with weight around her stomach for long enough. It never looked as toned as she wanted, despite a healthy diet and exercise routine. Her clothes didn’t fit right and she was tired of feeling self-conscious.           

It took seeing 10 different plastic surgeons until Kari found the right fit with Dr. Kovanda. Not only did his excellent technical skills impress her, so did his ability to listen and his respect for her as a patient. “I have only ever felt that everyone at the office is helpful, friendly and welcoming,” Kari said.

Even with her research on abdominoplasty and confidence in Dr. Kovanda and his staff, Kari still had concerns. She wondered if she’d be able to get time off from work. Will there be scars? Will it be painful? And what will it all cost? What outweighed all of this is the positive impact an abdominoplasty would make on her life.    

Going into the surgery being aware of the pain involved helped Kari to mentally prepare. For her, the stomach soreness and immobility weren’t beyond what she expected. After one week she was already feeling better. She feels like the walking she’s been doing helped with her recovery.

The Recovery Process and Results

Five weeks post-surgery Kari is feeling great and stronger every day. Surprisingly, the back pain she had before surgery is now gone. Possibly because her core is tighter, giving her lower back more support.

She now sees what she always desired. “All of that loose skin and fat from my belly — gone!” She feels like her body looks like it always should have. “I already am feeling so much more confident in my clothes and feel that my body has a much more natural and proportionate shape,” she said.

Kari’s mom, who took care of her after surgery was also impressed. After working at a hospital for 30 years she was enthralled with how great the surgical staff and facilities are at Kovanda Aesthetic Surgery and Aesthetics. 

Kari is also experiencing the mental benefits that abdominoplasty brings. Before her procedure Kari would worry about what people thought of her stomach. Now she doesn’t find herself using that mental space. Being free from this worry “has been liberating to me,” Kari said.  

Kari’s Recommendation

“I would absolutely recommend Kovanda and his wonderful team to anyone! I am so happy with the way that I have been treated, with the skill and excellence of the surgery, and with the cleanliness, professionalism and kindness of his team.”

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