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9 Tips to Speed Recovery After Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

When it comes to facial aging, time seems to move either very quickly, or stand completely still. Day after day, it seems like the person in the mirror is how you’ve always looked, until one day, you realize your eyes look tired and saggy. The cause of this can be that your eyelids are droopy, or you have large fat pads around your eyes, making them look puffy.

Any and all of these symptoms can be corrected with eyelid surgery, but a common hesitation for many people who could benefit from this procedure is the amount of downtime required for recovery. Dr. Christopher Kovanda, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Minneapolis, has some tips for a speedy recovery after eyelid surgery.

1. Make Preparation For Your Recovery Time

Dr. Kovanda typically recommends that you take 10-14 days off before going back to your normal activities after eyelid surgery. Therefore, you should be prepared for that time, especially if you have a job, a company to run, or a family to take care of.

By taking time up front to cover your responsibilities at work and at home, you can ensure you give yourself plenty of time to rest and recover, which can boost the speed at which you recover.

2. Follow Your Personalized Instructions

Dr. Kovanda will give you a detailed list of instructions for what to do before and after the procedure to ensure a speedy and successful recovery.

Some of these instructions may include using an ointment to keep your eyes lubricated, eye drops to keep them from drying, and a cold compress to prevent and reduce swelling. Following all of Dr. Kovanda’s instructions is key not only to helping you get back to health quickly, but also to avoid complications and side effects.

3. Stay Positive and Motivated

During the first few days, your eyelids may appear puffy, and you will likely have redness and bruising around the incisions. Don’t let that discourage you on the healing journey, by keeping a positive attitude that the short-term discomfort and rough appearance will result in long-term benefits.

4. Protect Yourself From the Sun

Harmful UV rays from the sun are some of your biggest enemies during recovery. When going out, put on dark glasses that have frames all around, and wear a hat for added protection.

5. Avoid Eye Strain

It’s hard to avoid screens in our modern world, but staring at harsh LEDs can cause eye strain to the muscles in and around the eye. Avoid exposing your eyes to too much direct light for about a week after the surgery. You can do that by resisting looking at your phone and, if you do, using minimum brightness. Also, make a conscious effort to blink often to avoid drying out the eyes

6. Get Enough Rest

Getting enough sleep is one of the best ways to speed up recovery for surgery on any part of your body, and your eyes are no exception. Healing takes up a lot of energy, and the best way to save your energy is by sleeping. Consider adding short naps throughout the day if possible and desired.

7. Skip Tedious Activities

For the first two weeks after the surgery, avoid activities that will increase blood flow to your eyes, like jogging or working out, although Dr. Kovanda may tell you to take short walks every so often to keep circulation moving.

8. Relax

Stress will slow down your recovery, which is why you need relaxing things to do during recovery that do not increase your heart rate or need you to intensely use your eyes. Having a variety of entertainment materials handy, so you can switch and avoid staring at a screen or book for too long, can help with this.

9. Don’t Smoke

Smokers will have to quit smoking several weeks before and after any cosmetic surgery, as the contents of cigarettes steal the immune system’s precious resources and can cause complications.

Blepharoplasty in Minneapolis, MN

If you have any questions or need assistance during your eyelid surgery recovery, Kovanda Aesthetic Surgery is always here to help. To learn more about blepharoplasty or any other of the facial rejuvenation procedures we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation. Call us at (612) 979-2093 or fill out a contact form online to get started today.

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