Tips for Better Skin

Studies have shown that taking care of your skin not only gives you healthier skin, but it makes you feel better about the skin you live in. Here at Kovanda, in addition to recommended treatment after a procedure, there are some everyday tips for maintaining healthy skin and consistent skincare in your personal lifestyle choices:


What seems to be a common theme for health-related elements, sleep is an important factor in maintaining clearer, healthier skin. If you are sleep deprived, the body’s functions are lowered, including circulation, which causes a washed look on your face—and those awful, unwanted, dark bags that are hard to get rid of, even with concealer. While time can be a factor since we all have so much to get done, your body will thank you (and your skin!) if you just take the time to listen to your body and sleep when you are tired.


For those of you that just cannot go without your wine, consider a sip of merlot instead of your usual wine, as merlot has specific antioxidants in the red grape skins from which merlot is squeezed, which helps prevent lines, wrinkles, and sagging caused by environmental elements like smoke, smog, dust, and pollen. You can use specific serums with similar antioxidants each night to plump up lines and smooth skin texture.

Make-Up Care

To maintain a luminous glow and healthy skin, wipe off your make-up before you go to bed, and that means making sure it’s all off. Also, clean make-up brushes in between uses allows for clean contact from brush to face upon multiple uses when the brush is cleaned between uses.

Hot Water and Showers

While a hot, steamy shower feels great in the cool winter every night, be very careful, as hot water tends to dry up skin, creating a mild burn, and stripping essential oils. While it may feel unsanitary to not shower every day, the truth is, it’s much better for your skin to have a day or two to breathe in between showers, and hopefully you don’t smell rancid enough to give off foul-smelling odors in just a day or two.


Lycopene-rich foods, such as watermelon are not healthy for your body, but additionally healthy for your skin. Foods such as watermelon can help reduce damage and redness caused from sun exposure (Another tip: Apply sun screen with care!) and can potentially reduce future wrinkling and even skin cancer risk. On that note, healthy eating, veggies, foods high in fiber, etc. can also help with maintaining a youthful look thanks to all of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

Always find ways to exfoliate, moisturize, and lather appropriately. As long as you’re doing it right, you won’t do your body harm, but always understand the risks and side effects when applying any product directly to your skin.

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