4 Ways to Treat Yourself This Thanksgiving Without Tipping the Scales

The holiday season is fast approaching which means fun with family, friends and tasty treats. It can also mean stress, busy schedules and weight gain! Below are 4 ways you can enjoy yourself while staying healthy.

The most important meal of the day

You might be tempted to skip breakfast on Thanksgiving when you know you will be eating a big meal. By the time your family and friends have arrived, you are famished. This can lead to overeating. However, if you have a small healthy breakfast you can control your portions better when it comes to the big meal.

Go easy on the alcohol

The holidays are a time for celebration! And you deserve to celebrate! If you’re looking for a way to keep it on the healthier side, consider cutting back on your liquids. Alcohol is high in calories so if you really want that pie after dinner resist another glass of wine.

 Stay hydrated

It’s important to drink lots of water any time of year! But if you’re avoiding gaining weight around the holidays water is a must. Drinking an adequate amount of water will keep you from overeating. Sometimes when the body is thirsty it can be confused with hunger. To make sure your eating only when your hungry, be sure to stay hydrated. 

The waiting game

So, you’ve had your first plate of food. On holidays it’s normal to grab seconds of your favorite hotdish or side. Before you do that, wait it out a bit. You might not be hungry anymore, but your stomach just doesn’t know it yet. Give yourself around 10 to 15 minutes before you get a second helping. That way your stomach can rest and see if it really is hungry.  

With all this said, the holidays are about being together with the ones you love and celebrating. Give yourself room to enjoy yourself and take in what the holidays are about. You don’t need to go overboard but you deserve to treat yourself! Happy Thanksgiving from the team here at Kovanda Aesthetic Surgery and Aesthetics! 

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