4 Ways to Destress This Holiday Season

The holidays are fast approaching! This means spending time with family and friends, eating great food and partaking in festivities! It’s also a time of stress. Read on for our 4 strategies to destress and enjoy this holiday season!

Rest up

The holidays are a busy time! Fitting in all the fun activities and extra responsibilities can be nearly impossible. It’s easy to trade out quality sleep hours for time with friends or wrapping “just one more present.” Be careful not to do this too often, A good night of rest is essential to staying happy and healthy. When you get proper sleep, you start each day refreshed and less stressed.

Take time for yourself

During the holiday season, you’re attending more social activities and maybe you feel spread a little thin. To prevent being stressed out from social overload take some time to check in with yourself. Take some deep breaths. Curl up on the couch with a good book. Do whatever activity you enjoy to reset.

Move it

It’s easy to fall behind with your exercise schedule when you’re busy with holiday errands and events. And it can be difficult to build up your motivation when it’s cold outside and the days are shorter. However, exercising is key to destressing. Even if you just follow along to a yoga tutorial on Youtube, do something to get your body moving.

Live in the moment

When you’re too busy worrying about everything you must do, you stress yourself out and aren’t living in the moment. The holidays are all about celebrating with the people you care about the most. Too often we are consumed with what’s next. It’s beneficial to be mindful and take time to just enjoy the here and now. Let yourself focus on the joy, good foods, and community that make this time of year so special.   

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