4 Reasons Why Fall and Winter are the Best Time for Plastic Surgery

Just like you would consider the time of year you take a vacation; it is important to do so for surgery. According to Robert Tornambe, a plastic surgeon in New York City, “it is wise to plan according to the season,” when considering cosmetic surgery.

1. It’s sweater weather

After surgery you are required to wear compression garments. These help with shaping your body and preventing swelling. Garments can get uncomfortable in warmer months. They fit snugly and get a little warm when it’s 90 degrees outside. When you’re bundled up in cozy sweaters is an ideal time to wear them. Long sleeves and pants are also great ways to cover the garment, people won’t even know you’re wearing one!  

2. Cozy indoor days

Summers feel so short and you want to take advantage of every nice day. But, in the fall and winter you are spending a lot more time indoors. This is a perfect time to plan your recovery from surgery. Spending time in bed watching Netflix and relaxing doesn’t feel as bad when it’s freezing cold outside!   

3. Time to treat yourself

What better gift could you give yourself than a boost in confidence? Is there something you wish you could change about your body? Around the holidays is a great time to treat yourself to what you’ve been considering for awhile. If cosmetic surgery can help you to feel better in your own skin, then you deserve to do that for yourself!

4. You’ll be beach body ready

Swelling and scarring are common elements of the healing process. The good news is that once summer comes along you get to enjoy your fabulous body! You’ve already gone through the healing process during the colder months. Using scar cream consistently and doing scar repair treatments such as INTRAcel or Skin Pen at least 3 months after surgery will heal up those scars for when you’re ready to hit the beach!

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