3 Common Places Men Request Liposuction

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Liposuction is not restricted to female patients; in fact, in 2013 61,736 men sought liposuction procedures, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Men have discovered that liposuction is effective in helping them sculpt a more attractive, masculine body contour. Where do men request liposuction? While the procedure may be performed on nearly any area of the body, there are three primary locations where men request liposuction the most.


Men often seek liposuction to eliminate the appearance of “love handles” around their midsection. This procedure is highly effective in reducing those isolated pockets of fat around the midsection that do not typically respond well to diet and exercise. Power assisted lipoplasty, offered by Dr. Christopher Kovanda at Kovanda Aesthetic Surgery, is an effective method of liposuction for this area.


The back is another area where men often request liposuction, since this area frequently accumulates fat pockets that do not disappear with weight loss. By sculpting areas of the back, particularly the lower back along the waistline, men can achieve a more toned body contour that makes them more comfortable going shirtless and wearing swim trunks. Power assisted lipoplasty is also effective in removing this type of body fat.


Men with enlarged breasts can be very self-conscious of their appearance. This condition, known as gynecomastia, can be treated with liposuction if the growth is relatively moderate. By removing small amounts of fat tissue from the breast, men can achieve a flatter, more sculpted chest contour. If larger amounts of fat and skin need to be removed, breast reduction surgery may be a better option.

About Male Liposuction

Liposuction is typically performed by Dr. Kovanda as an outpatient procedure using either local or general anesthesia. A high frequency reciprocating cannula is inserted into the fat deposit to loosen the fat cells for easier removal. The cannula is very narrow so the incision to insert the tool is also very small.

After liposuction, you will receive a compression garment to wear that reduces post-operative swelling and aids the healing process. Most patients recover faster from power assisted lipoplasty than other types of liposuction procedures.

While more men are seeking cosmetic procedures today, many still feel uncomfortable with the idea of walking into a plastic surgeon’s office for treatment. Dr. Kovanda understands this concern and strives to create an environment in his office that is comfortable and professional for all of his patients. He provides a wide range of surgical and non-surgical options for men as well as women. To learn more about liposuction or other procedures for men, contact Kovanda Aesthetic Surgery at 855-337-4367.

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