3 Areas You Can’t Forget in Your Skin Care Routine

You already know the importance of regular facial treatments and high-quality products for your face. But how good is your skin care routine for other areas of the body? The 3 key areas you cannot forget in your skin care regimen are the neck, chest, and hands.  

Signs of aging don’t just appear on your face. They might even pop up in other areas first. While you may think you’ve got your skin care routine covered, the effects of time and improper care show through in the areas you’re forgetting about.

The Neck    

When washing your face always include your neck! Be conscious to wash with upward movements, going against gravity. A fantastic product to use after washing the neck is Nectifirm Advanced from Revision Skincare. This product is packed with peptides, proteins, and other age erasing ingredients. It helps to build collagen, tighten and smooth the neck. When you come into our medical spa ask about adding your neck into the treatment. The HydraFacial is a great choice for boosting your skin’s hydration, making your neck look tighter and smoother. 

The Chest

For day to day care, use a gentle cleanser on your chest when you’re in the shower. You can also use Nectifirm Advanced from Revision Skincare on your chest! With all those amazing ingredients this product helps to keep your skin young and fresh. A great treatment that turns back the clock on your chest is the INTRAcel. This treatment encompasses Micro-Needling plus the bonus of radio frequency. This tightens the skin, improves the texture with resurfacing and reduces fine lines.

The Hands

The BBL treatment is perfect for signs of aging on your hands. The Broadband Light treatment focuses on sun damage and other imperfections that add years to the look of your hands. Brown spots are often seen on the hands, the BBL treatment brings the damage to the skin’s surface where it can sluff off, thus leaving your hands smoother and younger looking after just a few treatments.  

With all skin, no matter what area, it’s always important to protect with sunscreen. Moisturization is also the first defense against imperfections and signs of aging. Make sure you are regularly using a moisturizer that is right for your skin type.

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