Dermaplane is a painless exfoliating treatment with no downtime. Dead skin cells and vellus hair (barely visible hair) are removed with a small, sterile blade. Results are smoother, softer, and brighter skin. Products will go in deeper and makeup will go on smoother. Great before any product infused treatments.

Cosmetic Goals

Smoother, softer, hair-free, and brighter skin.

Is It Right For Me?

Every patient has individual skin concerns and goals. The ideal candidate will be looking to achieve smoother, brighter, and softer skin. Dermaplane is often used in combination with other treatments for maximum results.

Kovanda Dermaplane

The Kovanda Aesthetic Team will help you customize a plan to address your skin concerns and needs. Each patient is unique so it is important for you to meet with the professionals at Kovanda to discuss your goals for the procedure.

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Dr. Christopher Kovanda is a plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience. He is a member of several medical professional societies including the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, the American College of Surgeons, and the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He has been honored with several awards including “Most Compassionate Doctor” on and has earned “Top Doctor” status on Finally, Dr. Kovanda is a Board-Certified plastic surgeon by the American Board of Surgery-General and the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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